Thin Air

April 12th, 2010

Weightless and waiting in open spaceThinair
Knowing change will come
It’s already begun

From here
I can understand what I could not before
Too far or near
Now I see it all, now it’s all so clear

Everything we are
Everything we share
All the distances are nothing but thin air

Time will bend as I find my way
Once again
the stars are rearranged and my path has changed

<a href="">Thin air by VAST DAYS</a>

Talk to me Emptiness

April 5th, 2010

I know that I’m just a shape made of light Talk to me Emptiness
floating in the physical tonight
My colors glow my skin reflects the hue
But something’s changing, I feel I’m leaking empty

Talk to me, Emptiness

Touch my core and feed me codes
that treat my dreams in lasting long

I know I’m just a hologram
But now it burns, it hurts so bad
that through the merging datasphere
I fear that I’m becoming real

Talk to me, Emptiness…

Diamond Debris

March 29th, 2010

Scattered in pieces of diamond debrisDiamond Debris
this life, this mind, this body

Like a delicate seashell that sings of the sea
crushed into pieces, pieces of me

Every sound, every vision, every memory
scattered across infinity
The person I am, and the person I’ll be
scattered in pieces of diamond debris

I wonder how this vessel, in bliss and in pain
keeps dancing this unrehearsed dance that is life
I wonder how this body contains every emotion
how it bears every sensation, I wonder…

And I feel the gravity of my own soul
as it calls to the universe to once more be whole
Never again will I be alone
when these scattered pieces return home.


March 21st, 2010

Come down to meSeian
Descend from your dream
Open your heart to me
Close this distance, between us.

When the night falls
I surround you
with a veil of my star felt

This version of you
guide it softly
to the edge of your awareness